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Excise Duty?

I don't know if you saw it, I think it could have been on Countryfile a week or two ago but there was feature on a well to do chap who was making Damson Gin. Well you should know me by now, it gave ideas for all sorts of possibilities. The bloke let it slip that they bought the gin in bulk from a gin manufacturer and then added their own ingredients.

Now just up the road from us, it so happens that there's a lady doing something similar with some funny berries that they grow on their farm, but instead of the gin, they start with a base of almost 100% pure alcohol. I buy my hay and straw from her husband, so yesterday, I tapped him up for a bit of information and I found out that before they start, they have to pay £37.00 excise duty per litre of pure alcohol. On hearing that, my idea was immediately consigned to the bin to rest with a huge amount of my other ideas that have come and gone.
I've not got an idea as to how many bottles of liquer a litre of alcohol goes on to produce but what a frightener.

Tia Maria is 20% alcohol by volume so 1 litre would give you five litre bottles of the liqueur.
Cointreau is 40% alcohol by volume so 1 litre would give you 2.5 litres of liqueur.
Amarretto is 28% alcohol by volume so approx. 3.5 litres of liqueur.

Thus 4 bottles of liqueur per litre of alcohol would cost just under £10 per bottle in duty (£9.25) then you've got the cost of fruit and sugar, or concentrate and sugar.  Any of the stone fruits will give you a stronger flavour usually per weight of fruit as the kernels boost the flavour.

Then bottling costs - but you are already set up for that.
And labour......

I did fleetingly toy with the idea. I was thinking of producing damson, plum and perhaps slow gin. Anyone for some Morfa Nefyn Orchard Strawberry Vodka?
chicken feed

along with the pigs last season saw us packing wild damson gin, raspberry vodka, blackberry whiskey, tayberry vodka …….. went down a treat……..more of the same brewing along with some toffee vodka  

What would the duty be if you brewed your own extra strong "wine" base (basically water & sugar with yeast nutrients) using a high alcohol turbo yeast?

We made some breezer type drinks one year using that method. I think you can get to about 23% proof with the right yeasts.

Excise have a formula going on ABV as to what duty needs to be paid.

Is the duty paid when you start to brew it, bottle it or sell it? Rather than when you buy it in as for the spirits.

With pure alcohol, you pay at time of purchase, otherwise you have to go to the extreme and have your own bonded warehouse.

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