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excess greens

i have an excess of greens,lettuce,watercress,rocket etc,i have given lots to friends and neighbours...any ideas for meals????

You could always make a soup - sorry don't have a recipe to hand though.  Could be served either hot or cold?


hey yes,like a herb soup,great idea,thaks mrsww

rocket pesto is great. watercress soup is excellent and can be frozen.  what sort of lettuce - if its something like little gem it can be added to boiled peas and cooked "a francaise" and is also excellent.  If larger lettuce like kos or the round lettuce (not the flabby ones) use instead of pancakes for a chinese meal - we do slow raost pork belly/chicken/duck legs marinaded in a mix of soy and chinese five spice that is then slow roasted pulled and served in lettuce leaves with plum or hoi sin sauce, cucumber  and sping onion battons - an ideal summer alternative to sunday roast.

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