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Everything I Do I Do It For You.

I was feeling old when this song came out nearly twenty years ago, so how do you think it makes me feel now?
On this day in 1991 Bryan Adams went to No.1 on the UK singles chart with Everything I Do I Do It For You. The theme music from the film Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves, it held the  No.1 spot for a record breaking 16 weeks, and was also a No.1 in the US and 16 other countries.

This song was and still is denegrated by the 'musical posh' but I thought that it was a great and still do. I also thought the film Robin Hood Prince of Thieves was brilliant. How they could give Kevin Costner the part of Robin with his broad American accent, still makes me smile but work it did and to this day, some of the lines spoken by Alan Rickman still have me in stitches. I might very well root out the CD today and listen to it one more time.

blimey I remember that song coming out

I can't stop whistling the tune. I knew that it was a mistake starting this thread.

Didn't Fords use it for a while in TV ads?

I remember when that song was in the charts for all those weeks - I like Brian Adams.  Summer of 69 is one of my favourites of his.

I remeber it well - we were getting married in the september of that year and I spent most of July and August running round looking for a wedding dress that I liked and that song was playing in just about every bridal shop I went into.
mrs tiggywinkle

 I love that song.   The film was ok too. Like Bodger said how they gave the part to Kevin Costner is something we'll never know BUT it worked....well for me it did.

The song has bittersweet memories for me... but the film was great.

I agree that Kevin Costner was probably miscast, but the wonderful Alan Rickman made up for that. The line I remember was when he shouted to a serving wench 'My room at midnight!...... and bring a friend'      

"i'll be the only one doing any taking tonight..."

Had to laugh the other night watching Family Guy - Stewie did a version of the song!

Family Guy Version

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