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Evening All .

This BBC article brought back some memories for me. I'm not quite as old as some of the retired police officers mentioned in it but I'd forgotten all about trying to catch the milk snatchers on early turn. It used to be a regular job handed out by the sergeant.
I do however, remember virtually having to ask permission to be able to get married and that our new house was vetted by the inspector as being somewhere suitable for a policeman to live.
Happy days.

I'm afraid I was one of the naughty schoolboys that used to pinch a pint  of milk on the way to school, not every day but still didn't even think about who's it was! Simplicity of childhood!

Milk bottles on doorsteps, almost as rare a sight these days as seeing policemen on point duty.

Yes , how times change , I think it's an age thing but I enjoy being reminded about how things used to be .

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