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Even more piggy pictures.

Doodle our daughter is home for the weekend and has been taking pictures of the pigs, so apologies for being such a pigging boar.
One of Gladys piglets.

and more.

and even more.

its Doodles feet they're trying to eat.  

The proud mum Gladys.

Some of you will remember Prudence the first GOS sow that we had. Well this is Mildred one of her babies. Hopefully, she's pregnant to her first litter by a Welsh Boar.
Pedigree pigs have differing male and female lines. Her pedigree name is Over the Gate Princess. If she was in pig to a pedigree GOS boar, all her daughters would also have exactly the same name but with a different number on her certificate. The OTG bit is similar to having a Kennel Club prefix and the 'Princess' is the bloodline, which dozens of GOS females might share.
Thanks for putting up with me being a pigophile.

and finally, the Large Black girls in their new accommodation. I hope that they've stayed put tonight, tucked up snug and warm in their ark, because currently, its hailing very heavily.  


Wow! Spots before me eyes!!!!  Great shots, Doodle.

Great photos, smashing pigs.

And what's more, this morning I found the black pigs exactly where I left them last night.


Just to confuse you a little bit more or possibly to clarify things, both the sows, who have the pet names of Dot and Gladys are actually Josephine's. This means that all their daughters are Josephine's too and because their dad was a Patrick, all the lads are Patricks. There you go, as clear as mud. A bit like trying to explain the laws of cricket to a non believer.

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