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ET phone home..................

Looking through a few discs and I found this Pic I took 3 or 4 years ago,its a tarsier,incredible creatures,the worlds smallest primate and believed to be Spielbergs inspiration for Gremlins
We were taking a boat up the Luboc river when we docked at a riverside house,the owner,a logger,had a colony of these creatures in his house,my kids loved them and I later found out my wife had seen tarsiers for sale in a market-place when she was a school girl for the equivalent of 50p each :smt103

Jeez, looks like the sister in law after the soap omnibus has finished!

I was going to say something similar but my wife is watching me like a hawk.

They are nocturnal,excellent eyesight and hearing,my kids fed them on live crickets and bugs they caught along the rivers edge I have some pics somewhere with a couple sitting on my arms and shoulders

       Over the Gate Forum Index -> Other pets
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