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ESS coming here

New dog, its my mates wee bitch, shes a powerful but very small ESS and i have always liked her. anyway she's not right for him and his trialing ambitions but her breeding is so good that he doesnt want to lose her completely. so basically she is coming to me, i'll shoot over her and we'll take a litter from her maybe next year or the year after and he'll pick a bitch pup or two as payment. new dog run under construction as we dont want any exceptionally well bred sprockers or worse yet some springadors. she's coming down from Cumbria in a week or so, no training just a couple of weeks of playing and having fun and getting to bond with her, then its a life of beaing and shooting for this mighty little pocket dynamo. expect a few photos of her and beren to pop up.

Lovely eye on her, she looks a good type for working.  Have fun.

A real wee busy looking bitch , all the best with her.

Wow, she looks keen!  

What's her breeding mate.

Have you any full side on pics?

not got any other photos,,,,,,,,,,yet. She is sired by Buccleuch Pepper and is from the Buccleuch Kennels. ive seen her working she is a nice steady bitch but very small for a ESS but powerful and busy. once i get the full ped etc i will put it up, as its from a very good friend ive not really bothered asking much..she's trial bred both ways, just too small for him.

the sire:

found a photo from the summer, not the best and cropped severely but best i can do....for now  

Actually now ive looked ive got a few more than i thought.


She looks like a lovely little bitch, I much prefer the B/W dogs.

Great looking and working sire.

I'm not really a spaniel man, mainly because I don't have the work for a spaniel, I need a dog that can point and manage deer, so I have GWP's and Labs for wildfowling.

I do love to see spaniels work, they are such busy little sods, maybe a little to busy for me.

she'll be working the fells rough shooting and a few days beating down here in Lancashire this year, alongside my cocker next year.

my lab will come fowling he's 9 and will need a replacement at some point, but she's not it as although i know a few lads who use springers she's really not much bigger than a cocker. not the dog for a foreshore but the old lad has a few years left in him yet. after all he can snooze, sit up to the bang ..confirmed ived missed [he understands %*~Ģing duck quite fluently] and go back to sleep

I do love to see spaniels work, they are such bush little sods, maybe a little to busy for me.

indeed i swapped a lab [not physically   that read rather bad] for spaniels i think its the shooting equivalent of a middle aged man buying a Porsche,,,but ideal for rough shooting which tends to make up most of my days now plus the forays to the marsh

She looks very intellegent and as said busy busy great one  

She looks very keen.  I bet she'll be fun to work.  Ilove the black and white ones.

Lovely girl  

Love the image at the top of the thread....beaut of a dog and a nice portrait image to boot!!
Dave C

She looks an absolute cracker bb  

Has she seen any work yet this season?
If so how is she doing.

Bye the way, her Sire is very impresive  


she has done a little, been out a couple of times, she did a bit last year too.

she is pretty much the finished article, will take direction sharp on the stop and hunts well, however she has a tendency to stop and look at you for reassurance, she needs to get on ground with a bit more game so she is coming out beating next month.

at the minute she is in season, so thats fun...the cocker is pining away, and my labs are a bit keen too. so introductions have been delayed. she is in isolation, but they can smell her so...they're keen, but no sprockers here, not even with three FTch as g/parents.

my mate has started trialing and so although she is a very tidy shooting dog he feels she wont make the grade as a trialing dog, she is very very small. anyway despite this her breeding [FTch Buccleuch Pepper x FTch Woodstorm Avril] is pretty good, so we are looking to put a FTch over her next year and he will take a pup hopefully to trial....but whether a well bred pup makes the grade is still in the lap of the gods. To use a football analogy not every player is good enough for the EPL no matter who there dad was.

i liked her from the day he first showed her to me and with her breeding and having seen her work a couple of times, when he offered her to me with a pup as payment i had a wee think, while i was helping him in the rabbit pen, and an hour later said yes. hoping to get her out myself in another week or so, although depending who turns up on Monday [lads with dogs or bitches] i could be getting her out then, on the fells. her being ready to go has also meant the "pressure" to get the cocker up to scratch for this season has gone, which could be a benefit for him too. should be good next year with them both up on the fells.

[oh ps i got myself messed up, she is not a Buccleuch bred dog, her kennel name is actually Dawsonlee ebony, it was another dog i was talking about with a friend and got myself mixed up...i dont do typing and phone calls simultaneously very well   ]

dam: FTch Woodstorm Avril pedigree

sire FTch Buccleuch Pepper pedigree
Dave C

Sounds a very good deal bb and good luck with her pal  

She looks good and with 2 crosses of Clarburgh Art she should be soft to work with. Sounds a good deal to me.

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