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ENJOY THE DAY (fishing)

What is it about fishing that you must have big fish . The anticipation of a fish is the fun ,  a child fishing for Stickle Backs  gets as much fun as a  man fishing for  double figure Tope.  I think we should remember these few lines from The Compleat Angler ( original spelling ) Izaak Walton

“O, the gallant fisher’s life,
It is the best of any;
T is full of pleasure, void of strife,
And ,t is beloved by many:

And the next time you pick up your rod just enjoy the day .  

Well quoted Pennyroyal
I enjoyed sitting by the side of the carp pool with my book - does that count?


Only if the book is one of the millions written about fishing.

Cypry. The Story of a Carp.

Great read.

"This fascinating book traces the life story of a carp from conception until it reaches record size, recounting the numerous adventures and discoveries made by the fish as it moves round the dark, quiet lake.

Available from Amazon.

One of the guys who visits the cider farm that we stay on looks after Redmire. Its costs thousand of pounds to fish it.

Richard Walker and the British Record Carp. Called Clarriser and kept in London Zoo Aquarium for years.
Caught on a par boiled potato with a treble hook!
Think it weighed in at about 33lbs.

44 Bazzer. I've got an old angling annual with a write up about her somewhere. I think she ended her days in a zoo somewhere.

Yep. That's right 44lbs.
Now read my post again about zoo's.
I actually saw her there.

A few facts I've dug up that may be of interest. Had to do something untill the cricket starts.

Richard Walker (1918 – 1985) was an English angler.

One of the first to apply scientific thought to angling, Walker wrote many books on the sport. He also wrote for the angling press, most notably for the "Angling Times". He held the record for carp in the UK for 30 years with a fish of 44 pounds caught at Redmire pool in Herefordshire.

He was born in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, on 29th May 1918. His father was a professional soldier and his mother an employee of the Post Office. He started fishing at an early age, being taught by his grandfather in Hertford. He was educated at the Friends School in Saffron Walden and St Christopher School in Letchworth. He went to Cambridge University, but his studies were interrupted by the Second World War, during which he worked for the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough. He flew regularly over Germany and was deafened in one ear by a shell which exploded just outside the aircraft.

After the war he joined Lloyds and Co, manufacturers of high quality grass cutting machinery as technical director.

His inventions included the electronic bite alarm, the Arlesey Bomb weight and he was instrumental in the development of the carbon-fibre fishing rod. Considered by many to be one of the best fishermen of the twentieth century, his books are now collector's items. One of his personally handmade Mark IV carp split cane rods is worth some thousands of pounds.

Following the record 26lb carp capture by Albert Buckley in 1930 it was'nt until after the 2nd World War that a new record was to be set.
On September 13th 1952 Richard Walker caught a 44lb common carp that was given the name Clarissa, and together they were to make carp history by holding that reord for some 28 years.
With carp fishing becoming more popular, Richard and a few friends stumbled on a small water near Ross on Wye - "Redmire Pool"
They found that this relatively small water (3 acres) was producing carp to weights never thought of. It was then that "Clarissa" was caught. Because this was such an extrordinary weight for a carp, Richard contacted the London Zoo and offered Clarissa as an exhibit to which the zoo agreed. The zoo became home to the carp for many years, right up until old age took its toll and in 1971 she passed away.

Richard caught Clarissa on a split cane rod he had perfected himself at the 4th attempt, as at the time the only type of rod available were whole cane rods.
He went on with his designs and ideas for fishing equipment that would specifically target the bigger fish and was instrumental in persuading fishing clubs to stock their waters with carp, his articles in the fishing press inspired many to try this new kind of fishing.

With all the publicity Richard Walker & Clarissa recieved it was'nt long before carp anglers were falling over themselves to fish the "Great Redmire".
This was easier said than done, because Redmire became "THE" mystery water and to get permission to fish it was near impossible.
The 3 acre pool was stocked with a strain of carp that was to become known as "The Leney Strain", as it was Donald Leney who started importing fast growing carp from Holland in the 1930's.
This carried on and to this day Redmire has never received other strains and therefore the carp are still 100% pure Leney.
The pool has become steeped in history with such names as, Jack Hilton, Tom Mintram, Bill Quinlan, Kevin Clifford, Rod Hutchinson, Peter Springate, & Kevin Maddocks all being among the previlaged to fish it.
In 1980 Redmire saw its third record fish caught by Chris Yates and weighing 51lb 8oz.
Today although it is somewhat falling behind some carp waters nowadays, it is still the dream of many of angler to fish there.

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