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energy reduction

I am a duel fuel customer for Eon and have just had my lastest bill in so decided to have a look at my account online, they have a handy energy tracker function that compares this years energy use to last years and according to it we have reduced our annual usage by 28.4%, this is mainly in gas as the november figure is 64% down on last years and the electricity figures all year are averaging 1 kwh a day more but we have been drying a lot more mushrooms this year.
we have averaged a 28.4% drop overall
a 28.6% increase in electricity and a 37.7% drop in gas, all we need to do now is concentrate in reducing our electricity use and we will be well on the way to saving a few quid.  
welsh lamb

Our freebie energy monoitor from British Gas turned up yesterday - spent yesterday PM & today playing with it - amazing !!

yes we have an OWL monitor but it only does electricity, but I have to do a bit of re programing cos our unit cost has come down from when we got it, down to 18p per unit from 24p per unit so the readings are gonig to come down a little bit.
It shows that when we are off to bed we are normally using 3.3p electric per hour, in the evening its about 14p and the dehydrators use 20p an hour each, the kettle is 50p an hour and the oven 70p as it warms up dropping back to 5p an hour to keep it at temp.
the plan is to use the slow cooker more as its cheaper than the oven and only boil enough water for our needs, although im wonderintg if a kettle for the gas hob might be more economical.

May well be Pilsbury for a number of reasons.  our electric kettle died a few months ago and instead of replacing it (it was only two years old) we started using the old fashioned whistle kettle that we use on top of the log burner.  We use it on the electric  hob on one of the halogen rings.  The main thing is we only boil the kettle once as it makes such a noise when it comes to the boil its a race to get it off the hob and use it before your head explodes whereas with the electric kettle we would sometiems reboil three or four times before we got round to making the coffee.  Anyway, that with turning off the halogen kitchen lights (six) when no one is in there - the kitchen leads off the lounge so its easy to leave them on as it doesn't feel you are leaving the room - has reduced our electricty consumption by 10 a week.

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