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End of a friendship

Poor old Pip was PTS this morning.  He was my neighbours farm dog and 18 years old.  Our own dog Dex shared the barn with Pip and Pips best friend was Morris our ferral cat.  no one could get near Morris except Pip - they shared the same bed and when Pip lost his sight and his hearing Morris never moved from his side - taking him for walks around the yard and generally be with him.  Unfortunately over the last couple of days Pip has started circling and not able to walk in a straight line and his owner made the decision that it was time.  Pip was 7 and still in full time work when we moved here 11 years ago and I remember the day that he retired - he would have been about 12 and one day he just refused to jump up on the quad to go andcheck the sheep.  He never left the farm again.  He has had a happy retirement as has Patch his co-worker but Iam not sure what Morris is going to do now.
RIP Pip.  We'll all miss you but especially Morris. x

Thank you for that what a great time for all sad but loverly great to hear of olddogs getting to have a good retirment thanks again

RIP Pip - the place will not seem the same without him.
I'm glad that he he such a long and happy retirement.

Sad to loose a friend, but it sounds as though he had a caring owner (and owners neighbour)

Sweet dreams Pip  

Poor Morris has now lost his pal. Isn't it amazing how animals strike up these friendships? You'll have to pamper him a bit now Debbie.

would if I could get near him seabird but he's totally ferral.

What a lovely story - great to hear of his long and happy retirement.  RIP Pip, run free at the bridge!  

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