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emergency cooker

cooker candle.
Right, here is something that everyone should have stored in a nice dry place in the house/shed/garage.

I've made several of these, and have used them as outdoor candles, cookers, and for boiling kettles.

It is a slightly altered version of the swedish stove, which uses a log split into four.
My version will burn at a temperature that is enough to boil water for more than 3 hours.

Find a suitable log.

Spruce or pine is best, and it needs to be dry..... though it could easily be prepared using the following method then left to dry and used at a later

Drill a hole in one end, about two thirds of the way through the length of the log.
I used a 1.5 inch diameter drill.

Then drill a hole in from the side, to meet the main hole, slightly above the bottom, so it leaves a small pit at the lowest loint of the original hole.
This second drill should be about an inch diameter.

Whatever size of holes you drill, the top hole needs to be bigger than the side hole, or it wont work.

Clean all the sawdust out of it.

Congratulations, you've built a cooker!

Now, for lighting it, I've tried LOTS of different things.
Petrol, Parafin, Diesel, Firelighters, Twigs etc etc.

Diesel worked not too bad, but it's messy.

Best of all was a Hexamine tablet. You can buy these from most camping shops, and Gelert actually make round ones that drop perfectly into the top hole. They are around 2 quid for 12 tablets.

These Hexamine tablets are pretty much the same as ordinary firelighters, but have a burn time of about 15 minutes.

Stand the log up, sit the tablet on the edge of the top hole, light it, wait a couple of mins then knock it into the hole.

almost instantly, it will begin to burn the log from the inside out, and by the time the tablet has burned out, the log it's self will be burning.

Sit a couple of blocks on top of the log and your pot/kettle/pan will be heated as if you were using a gas ring.

As you can see, the picures of thestove in use were actually a square log (it was an off cut from a gatepost!), and this is it after 3 hours.

Because the side hole is where the fire draws air, this can be used outdoors in pretty much any weather, and the intensity of the fire can be controlled by turning the vent hole into/away from the wind.

these CAN BE  indoors, in the fireplace too.

Our son will be home at the weekend and I bet that he has a go at making one of those

well done they really work lots of versions of them so his imput and pics ill look forward to.

Great idea......... I have used this method several times with great success. :

Saw it on another forum several years ago.

Making plans already! Wonder if we have the tabs you mentioned, here in the states....will have to investigate further or find a different (easy) fire source.

Love that thanks must give it a go   Like Rena will have to look for some kind of lighting source.

re lighting source

use old coal firelighters that are slightly soaked in parrafin. you only need a piece the size of the bore hole to drop in lit first of course.


Re: re lighting source

airarmstx200 wrote:
use old coal firelighters that are slightly soaked in parrafin. you only need a piece the size of the bore hole to drop in lit first of course.

That I can get real easy! Thanks!

well guys after youe experiment can we see your pics and efforts at making one.

cheers all  

Great idea, a self consuming rocketstove.......thanks very much i'll give it a go
Dave NE

Lots of people use vaselene to start their rocket stoves, Dave

re cooker candle

well anyone made any yet with pics of course.

Re: re cooker candle

airarmstx200 wrote:
well anyone made any yet with pics of course.

I did and it worked really well thanks for the idea. No pictures i'm afraid................Cheers

How did I miss this first time around?
Brilliant, cheers!

just seen this , must have a go at it .

Emergency cooker

come on guys gals boys n girls if your making your own let's see some write ups and pics.

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