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Elnoor: Trot, canter and tantrums haha


She's now 3.5 years old and in light work a few times a week. Really loving riding her although she can be pretty challenging at times!

Two / three weeks ago things were going very well, starting to canter and hack around the farm. Then Elnoor got a nasty abcess and had to have a week's box rest and was off work for two weeks. She came back into work at the start of last week and came back with a bit of an attitude lol. Today was session 3 since coming back into work and she was starting to remember what she is supposed to do lol



Tantrum caught on camera! Elnoor really isn't that badly behaved. All these pics are from the same tantrum all bought about because I tapped her with a whip in canter haha

And some nice canter pics!


Looking very good Doodle!

Moody mare !

I like the one where she has all 4 feet off the ground at once

bodger wrote:
Moody mare !

What else do you expect from a gingernut? Seriously though that's the attitude that will add a bit sparkle to every dressage test once Doodle and Elnoor reach an understanding about it!

kaz wrote:
I like the one where she has all 4 feet off the ground at once

Same here!

Good job with her! (she does have a certain 'look' in her eyes almost right from the beginning! Just that alone told me you were gonna have 'fun' at some point!)
deyzis mum

beautiful horse  
She looks amazing for 3 1/2 you should be very proud of her and yourself.
Love the 'naughty' pics too

She's really coming along Doodle, amd hey, a baby has to have some high jinks now and again.....lololol.  It is nice to be able to remember all the pics of her you have posted as you have been going along.

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