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Electric sander for fiddly areas - recommendations?

I'm going through a furniture makeover phase at the moment, and although I've got a big Black and Decker orbital sander I could do with something to get into grooves and corners and do chair legs etc.
Anyone got any recommendations?
I thought I might go and get one tomorrow.

Send them off to a "dip & strip" place.

If such a thing exists round here.

(a quick yell search say not)

Sanding will alter the shape & definition of the grooves.

nitromorse (i think thats what its called) real nasty stuff but by god it does what it says on the tin!!

Recently I bought a Ferm Precision Belt Sander. It has both an 8mm wide and 13mm wide belt guides. I purchased this to do a specific post weld splatter removal and scale cleaning in the corners of a particular production welding job I do, but for delicate woodworking jobs the 120 grit and 180 grit belts are very suitable...... I'm using 40 grit belts for rapid removal of weld splatter and oxide scale.

For the last 12 months or so I've been using Biostrip which is a water based paint stripper. I have found it suitable for all types of paint and varnish around both the house and workshop: Interior/exterior household gloss, clear varnish, two pack polyurethane, agri enamel, cellulose, synthetic 32, etc. The only one it doesn't strip well is oven baked powder coat.

It is water based, none toxic, and so surfaces and brushes are just rinsed off along with the striped paint using water, and it works an awful lot better than Nitromors, or B&Q solvent based paint stripper.

If you want hard wearing long lasting abrasives; belts, flat discs, flap wheels, delta pads etc. then I highly recommend the Zirconia (blue) range of abrasives from Abtec abrasives the prices are very good, (but you can buy similar cheaper and lower quality alternatives)............... However, you will not find longer lasting abrasive belts, pads, flaps and discs than these........ for me they are lasting over twice as long as high quality 3m abrasive disc and flaps, and over six times longer than the very best Aluminum-Oxide ones I have bought in the past. The backing materials used to make the discs, flaps and pads from the zirconia range are extremely durable, an this allows me to get full wear out them, they really are the optimal value for money solution to my abrasive requirements....... OK, I pay a little more to initially purchase them, but they far outlast any of the competitors products and that is where I make my savings .......... about 35 per month.

If you want a detail sander, what about ;
Make sure you use fine grit paper.

Thanks for the replies - very helpful  

I used gallons of nitromors when I did the huge dresser - as you said, it did the trick. I'll have a go with that water based one you recommend Gareth  
 This is just an old pine kitchen table with layers of wax and paint, plus loads of knocks dents and scratches. The orbital sander did a great job on the top but I haven't made a start on the legs yet. The Ryobi one looks just what I'm looking for - must remember to take my B&Q crumblies' discount card!

I have stripped a lot of pine furniture though time, and I have always used caustic soda and wallpaper glue mixed together, as a very cheap paint varnish stripper with fantastic success.

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