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Dave C

Electric Poultry Netting

Been thinking about a movable pen for a while for a breeding group of chickens or Lambs etc.
Picked this 50mtr Of Electric Poultry Netting with gate & energiser for 50.


Are you using a mains energiser? Poultry netting is pretty greedy when it comes battery run units. I'd also advise you to weed kill where the netting is going to be.
Dave C

Thanks John, I can use mains power or battery.
The guy I bought it off said he used a roll of damp course plastic round the bottom and staked the fence straight through it to stop the grass.

I'm thinking of putting a movable chicken type Ark in there so they can still be locked away on a night and have a small safe run, in case I don't use the electric power for some reason.
Yorkshire Geordie

Dave, if you use battery hens then your problem's solved.  
Dave C

very good Martyn  


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