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electric oil filled radiator v convector heater?

Which is cheapest to run?

I have LPG heating and gas fire, but like to keep a spare portable electric heater as a booster, or just to heat one room when the heating's off. Current one has died, so just wondering what's the best to replace it with. There seem to be some cheap offers on portable heaters in the local shops at the moment.

Won't it depend on the element rating?
I would have thought that a 1Kw/h convector would cost exactly the same to run as a 1Kw/h oil rad.
The convector will produce instant heat, the oil rad will take longer to heat up, but will give off heat longer after it is switched off.
The shorter heat up time on the convector could result in condensation if the room is prone to it, the more gentle warm up of the oil rad should be less likely to result in condensation.

12bore has nailed it.

Thanks chaps!  

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