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Elderly Nuffield Tractor

Our 50 odd year old Nuffield tractor that we've had for a couple of years just stopped the other day. It was ticking over while I hitched a trailer on and it just died. It was like it had run out of fuel. So far I've cleaned the glass sediment bowl and it's gauze filter, checked that the lift pump is working and cleaned it out, and removed the main fuel filter which was very dirty. I've had a root around in the shed and found a new fuel filter from one of my old Land Rovers which looks like it'll fit so this afternoon I'm going to put that on, clean the last little gauze filter where the fuel goes into the injector pump, bleed it all up and hey presto it should start. Sounds simple doesn't it. We'll see.

I love them old Nuffield (and Leyland) tractors.

Probably only blocked gauzes and filters as you say.

Just out of curiosity is the excess fuel button on the fuel injection pump engaging, disengaging and releasing properly. If the excess fuel button is seized or not working correctly it will give very similar symptoms to a blocked fuel filter.

I don't think the excess fuel button is a problem it seems to be ok. The engine had been running for about 10 minutes when it stopped originally. I tried restarting it on the key and it fired briefly then nothing. I'll see what happens when I've put the filter back together and given it a good bleed.

Bit of a long shot but just in case the filter cleaning doesn't work it might be worth looking for a suction leak in the fuel line. I have run into this a couple of times when rubber hoses have perished and allowed air into the lines  but did not allow fuel to leak out. A small amount of air in the system will flush out at higher revs with just a bit of rough running but accumulate at lower revs. You can test for this by inserting a bit of clear tubing after the fuel pump and watching for air bubbles when the fuel pump is operated.

I'm happy to report that all is well again. Couldn't get the nut undone on the pipe into the injector pump so didn't clean the gauze there. Fitted the new fuel filter, handy to know that a Land Rover one fits, bled the filter, bled the pump, then thought I'd turn it over just to see before bleeding the injectors. After about three seconds on the starter she fired up and is running perfectly.
Got to say I love old stuff with no nasty electronics. Back up and running for just an hour's work and no cost at all.

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