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maine moose

Elderflower wine

As the sun was shining today it was the perfect time to pick some elderflower blooms.So one nice walk down to the turf bog we picked a good sized bucket.Back home we made up a gallon of elderflower wine. For the last three years made elderflower fizz but have not had the best results.But made a very nice wine The results will be ready for christmass  

Oooh.... I haven't noticed any elderflowers around here....I'll have to keep my eyes open

Recipe please  

The Elderflower around here are very close to being ready for picking .... just one more nice sunny morning is required to bring them into full bloom.

I use exactly the same recipe to make Elderflower wine as I do the Elderflower champagne. The only difference is in the method I use, the proportion of the mix destined to become wine goes into a demi-john with an airlock and is allowed to brew out naturally, where as the portion of the mixture destined to become the champagne (fizz) is sealed into screw cap plastic bottles to ferment under natural occurring CO2 pressure.

Here is my recipe:
maine moose

Hi Sapphire,
My recipie for elderflower wine is a very simple one.
3 pints of elderflowers," take of most of the green stalks then fill pint glass without pushing them down"
3lb suger,
2 lemons, grate the skin avoid the white pith then juice,
1 large orange the same,
1/4 cup black tea or 1/4 teaspoon tannin,
1 teaspoon wine yeast ,
2 kettles of boling water,
To make everything in a bucket with lid BUT THE YEAST, mix well to dissolve suger when cool;s down to blood temp or just warm add yeast.
Leave in bucket for 3 days striring a few times, then strain out in to demi john top up with cold water fit air  lock and leave  at room temp till bubbles stop.

Ours is blooming  


think even I can manage that one

went looking for elderflowers yesterday, most seem to have gone over now  

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