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Eggs in the compost

We found these today whilst putting up some new fencing. Sadly we damaged them before we noticed -  Grass snake eggs.


Most definately We have the odd grass snake hanging about but although we have loads of poop heaps about the place, we've never found any eggs or egg cases.

Shame about them being damaged, such is the way of things, great find though

great to see , i'm 63 and never seen one before .

I've never seen them before but seem to be the only one in the family fascinated by them - all the 'men' have snake phobia *whimps*  

They were buried up against the side of the pallet compost bin. Sadly we damaged them as we a dug a hole for a new fence post. Some had already hatched and a couple of the eggs had live surprising long snakes in them. I'm amazed the hens hadn't dug them up or destroyed them sooner as they spend most of the day in the area scratching about and dust bathing.

I'm with you men Sandrar as we don't have snakes here and I am so     about that

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