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Eggs in Purgatory

I actually managed to watch a cooking show on TV last week: Nigella.

During this show she did Eggs in Purgatory; her ultimate hang-over cure.

Sad person that I am when comes to my virtually nil consumption of alcohol, I thought I would give this recipe a go on Friday lunchtime even though I did not need a hangover cure. I loved it and it will now feature on my regular weekdays lunchtime menu.


For each person.

2 medium Eggs.

1 can of chopped Tomatoes

1 clove of Garlic ~~~ pressed.

1 Small Chili ~~~ finely chopped.

2 spoons (Extra Virgin) Olive Oil.

About 30 grams of a strong tasting cheese~~~ finely grated.

A pinch of dried Basil.

A pinch of dried Oregano.

Salt & Pepper to season.


Fry off the Garlic & Chilli in very hot oil until soft, and then without turning the heat down, tip the Tomatoes in. Add the Basil and Oregano and bring quickly to the boil. Add the eggs to the top of the mixture to poach, sprinkle on the cheese and cover the pan with a lid.

When the eggs have poached, serve immediately with bread, toast, whatever.

Absolutely delicious, and a great wintertime lunchtime warmer.

That sounds good

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