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Dave C

Eggleston 138th Agricultural Show (pics)

We live in Teesdale but olso only a few miles from Weardale so are spoilt for choice with excellent country shows, like Wolsingham, Stanhope and Bowes.

But Eggleston is our local show and right next to were my shoot is, so loads of freinds and family attend and its right good crack.

Its a very old fasioned traditional affair with Brass bands, All Farm animals and machinery, Fur and Feather, Fruit, veg, flowers and traditional skills all on show, there was even a market tent where you could purchase local produce and the best bit, it stayed dry  

Here are just a few of the pics i took.

There was loads of other things i wish i had taken pics of, the Veg and flowers were some of the best i have seen.

Great pics i used to go shows and they were usually great days out    

It looks as though it was a good day out
Were all the cattle just tethered like that?

Yes - I liked the way they were tied to the main tent poles.  Good job nothing spooked them  

Thanks great to see we have them here too but having been the caretaker of the showgrounds for a few years saw enough of them and nowdays not any where as good  
Grandma Bodger

Thank you for the pics that certainly looked like a grand day out don, to go to any thing like that

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