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Egg Sales?

The Easter weekend has seen me having bumper chicken and duck egg sales. Blimey I could have sold the eggs from a few hundred birds if I'd had them. However, I know that for the next six or seven weeks, its going to be fairly quiet on the egg front again. The weekends will continue to be fairly busy with the tourists but its just the bare six weeks of the main summer holidays when things get really frantic.
With us being such a seasonal tourist area, it makes it very tricky when it comes to working out the best number of layers to have. I do so hate turning customers away but then again, its only a week or so ago that I was considering launching a new pickled egg empire.

How do you make your pickled eggs, bodger?

I put a smashing site on here for pickled eggs a few years ago but I went to it last week and its ceased to be. There were all sorts of variations on a theme but they've gone. I'll just hard boil them and stick them in white vinegar with a few herbs.

Ive been on the pickled eggs lately just been using the sarsons ready spiced stuff,bit dear at 1.50 though probably just buy some white vinegar now ive got the jars.

They are rather moreish. I had to stop making them because of the wind. No the shed didn't blow away.  

tell me about it    , made our first last year , tried curried eggs ? very nice but possibly a hurricane on its way though    
Dave C


Lord knows I do try to raise the tone of this place but I must say that its when things get wet and windy that one realise that enough is enough !

Pickeld Quail Eggs

I get far too many Quail eggs for me to eat at once so I pickle them in white vinegar with a red chillie . Very nice too.

There's definitely a small but niche market for them, if you can find it.
I've fancied getting quail for a while but there are so many different types and strains, that I've found it a bit baffling.
Rick & Carol

we tried pickling turkey eggs a few weeks back and they were great. How do you do the curried eggs Glyn, sounds like something we'd like

i will get the recipy dug out

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