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Yorkshire Geordie

Eclipse then Cornwall

Me, Mrs. Y.G. and Biscuit had an away-weekend this week.  
The eclipse was recorded .......

in Budleigh Salterton ............

... where the cloud cover meant that no filter was needed ........

......... or sun glasses ...........

Then we went to St. Ives for the weekend. The weather was Boo'ful.

and the scenery was stunning ....

We also had a whistle-stop to Penzance.

...... all because it was my 68th and Mrs. Y.G. wanted to treat me, so the dog joined us.

Great pics as usual

We didn't get to see the eclipse... Thank you for sharing!! Mrs YG is beautiful and very sweet taking you 'out' for your birthday

The rest of the photos are SO COOL!!!! Places I could only imagine visiting someday.... .

The scenery is stunning and the background is nice too  
Glad you all had a greatday for your birthday

Thanks for the photos think we have one late this year  

Great pics - and a (belated) happy birthday!

Belated Birthday wishes YG, and the pictures are great  

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