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Eating Healthily?

Karen and I have been on an eating healthily kick for sometime now, which has been great, because as well as the food being really tasty, we also feel better in ourselves for it too. BUT I was both shocked and unimpressed to find this product in our fridge.

We've been using these packs for quite a while and found them very useful and easy to use but this morning, I took the time to look at the labelling.

The carrots actually come from the UK but that's as good as it gets. The beans come from Kenya, the baby sweet corn from Thailand and the mange tout from Peru.

Obviously getting this little pack of veg together involves thousands of food miles but its not only that that concerns me. The other thing is what do we know about the agricultural methods that these countries use? As far as we know, they could be using goodness knows what types of herbicides and pesticides on their crops. Possibly chemicals prohibited over here in the EU.

Needless to say, we wont be buying anymore of this product and we'll be trying even harder to shop locally for local produce. All in all, its been a bit of a shocker. IMO,  Its not much us rearing our own chickens and pigs, only to slap some of this stuff on the plate with it.

Forgive me, I have sinned.

My mate whospeaks fluent Spanish used to call Spain the land of the midnight sprayers after hearing a conversation between 2 'organic' producers.

Have to agree, there has been a lot of going on about food miles in the UK and it hurt us here in NZ with meat exports untill it was pointed out that our controls here are as high as yours also less damage as ours comes by big ship not small lorry        on the food saftey side seeing tinned food from China etc. is a no no to us so we buy  fresh local and if need be freeze. That is if we can't go our selves. I think you should have a glass of a very local drink to get over your shock  

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