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Easy garden bench

This has just come up on facebook.

Even I could manage this!


Fantastic idea.

Yorkshire Geordie

That is a wonderful idea.  

What a shame, though, because it's posted a couple of weeks too late for me.  

Mrs YG was ashamed of our dilapidated bench at the beginning of May.
She even made me go with her to select a colour for it.  

This is the finished article

Pity you posted the blocks and wood variety just now - I could have knocked that type up with much more gusto than strengthening, cleaning, sanding and painting the old one.

I know which will last longer too.  

That is a beauty though Martyn.    t'other one is a bit modernist.

Very good Martyn bit flash for me    think i agree other one is more me but not sure about painted  

I like that - it actually looks better than I expected from the descpription.

That sort of sage green has been the 'in' colour for a few years now. I quite like it.
Yorkshire Geordie

I really like the one pictured below that started this thread.

But my reclaimed bench in sage green was at least cheaper ~ if less durable.

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