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Easy access rats

The minister is being visited by rats from next door, the little beggars are coming into her chicken run which I built, so it's personal...
They are tunnelling in from the garden behind hers, coming up behind her shed, the exit hole is clearly visible and accessible.
If I close off the back of the shed to the chickens, by adding panels between the shed and the fence, would it be ok/acceptable/legal to lob poison blocks directly into the tunnel, or would I need to use drainpipes to make bait tunnels?
There are no other animals to be concerned about.

If the Exit /entry holes are deep enough yes, but either back fill  and put something heavy over it. Or get a nice heavy Breeze block over it to stop chickens /birds animals etc getting at it.

If there are any Dogs with access to the both gardens i would be very cautious in using Poisons in this manner.

If i kept chickens i would have Permanent Bait stations secured down, then any rodent activity signs bait up the boxes . ( much safer and rats get used to the box being there )    

Most wildlife are starting to breed now so actions need to get in place

Tell her not to feed the chickens in the late afternoon, so there isn't food on the floor overnight and if she can, only to feed them enough so that they clean it up within a few minutes.

I agree with that Mr B , the less waste food about the better. But seeing as the rats are already there  they will visit during daytime .  

Its the time of year when there's not alot of any natural food about for a lot of wildlife.

Thanks, I'll drop some bait down., cover with a flagstone and block off the area from the chickens, there are no other (official) animals in the garden.
They have been seen at all times of the day, just not the right area to use an air rifle - I did offer!

Make sure by reading the label its Classed for using outside first  

Thanks, I didn't realise that there were indoor and outdoor varieties, I shall read carefully

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