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East Coast Bass (Our 1st)

Been off over on the east coast recently for a short getaway break to the caravan and with the weather being so nice Michael (my 12 year old son) and i decided to have a couple of hours beach fishing to pass a few hours away but first there was the small matter of washing down the outside of the van and a short trip to the supermarket as well, Jackie(the better half) popped in to do a bit of shopping and we popped into the tackle shop just around the corner for our bait then it was out with the brushes and squeegees for a nice squeaky clean caravan, next came the setting up of the beach sticks ceremony and at around 6 in the evening we were off to throw large lumps of lead at Sweden-ish , we arrived bang on high tide with only a foot or two of beach left to plant the tripod on and we had to hop up onto the sea wall a couple of times when the odd bigger waves came in . The 2 hook flapper rigs were baited with rag worm (Yes they do bite) and put out around 100 yds, after re baiting out they went again this time with a little less thump as the tide had eased and was running off and we had a bit more beach to play on,Michael recast again but made a bit of an ear of it so after sorting out the over run i sent it out to where the other rig was but Michael was convinced i had cast over the other line so i began to retrieve the line....after a few winds the other rod tip bounced a couple of times...i stopped reeling and the tip stopped bouncing and i thought that Mike was right after all, i had indeed cast over the other line so i passed the rod over the other and started winding..the rod tip started knocking and i thought "its wrapped up"...i stopped winding but the other rod tip kept bouncing and i turned to shout fish on but Mike was already there, lifting the rod from the tripod and getting a good workout from an unseen force some hundred odd yards away....yes!!! not just chips tonight  , after a good few minutes Michael gained the upper hand and gradually the prize drew nearer and then there it was in the surf and not exactly what we expected either as it was indeed a prize...Mike kept a tight line to it and i rushed into the surf and brought back a shimmering bar of silver, a beautiful sea bass of around 4lb and after unhooking and much admiring i explained that it had taken a long time to get to that size as they are slow growers and on this occasion catch and release was the right thing to do so we waded out a little way and gently popped it back we will be there again soon trying for something to go with our chips

Thanks for sharing your fishing trip with us

The first of many George
green man

George is such a good name- welcome to OTG.

A wondeful, well written write-up; I was there with you.

Thank you George  

P.S. Welcome to Over The Gate.


Thank you for a great write up, but many more thanks for putting  your prize back . Bass and chips just does not sound right anyway.  

As "G" said, I was there with you too.
  For the catch and release.

It was very nice to see it go back folks, it has taken quite a long time to get to that size and we were chuffed to bits to have shared a little time with it, i do knock the odd trout sometimes when out with the fly rod as i have a barter system in full swing with my neighbours and the odd trout will return a nice selection of fresh fruit and veg from the allotment  

Nowt wrong with one or two Bass a year either. It's the take everything mob that get up my nose.

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