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Earth Hour 29.3.08

There will be a global earth hour tonight (29.3.08) where we are encouraged to turn out our lights between 8 and 9pm.

I found out about it because Google has gone black to draw attention to it but when I tried to Google Earth Hour to put a link on here it kept timing me out rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif  rolleyes.gif

This has had a lot of coverage on my two local radio stations; Radio Norfolk, and Broadland Radio.

Many pepole in Norfolk have signed up, and pledged to switch off this evening. We wll just have to wait and see if the desred affect s achieved.

The internet by candlelight sounds a good idea

So - you all getting ready to flip those switches to the off position?

We've got loads of scented candles going here and no lights on at all - it's lovely.

Just seen this never heard anything about it - all lights off now

Everything but the tropical fish got switched off here, even dopiet's computer!

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