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Ear mite?

I'm not sure if ear mite are a particular species, or whether they a simply  'ordinary' mite that have decided to take up residence in a chickens ears? But for the last few weeks a group of four of my young stock cockerels have taken to doing a lot of head shaking,  so yesterday I caught them up and administered five drops of Ivomectin 'pour on' to the skin at the back of their necks. Hopefully, this treatment should sort them out. I'll let you know.  The treatment should also get rid of any lice they may have and gve them a worming too.

None of them are heading for the pot just yet but I understand that there's a seven day withdrawl period before you can eat them. Thats not a problem, because prior to treatment, I necked one of their brothers over the weekend and we had a nice meal off him last nigh,t with plenty left over for today.

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