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Dave C

Ducks on the run

Went up the shoot this afternoon to feed up and when I called into check the ducks they wasn't 1 on the pond.
Checked the whole pen and dreaded that something had spooked them or taken them all.

After about 20 mins of head scratching and dreading the worst I heard a sof quacking coming from the other side of the field

And there they were, all waddling home  

All safely back on the pond.

The pen goes round the trees with an electric fence
The pond is in the middle with an island in it.
Rick & Carol

check them carefully, they could be migrants  

Rick & Carol wrote:
check them carefully, they could be migrants  
Dave C

There's a small stream running past the pond but through there enclosure

I went up early yesterday morning to see massive otter making off along the stream  

That's a nice group of ducks.  

We used to live near water and our ducks used to just visit it until one day they didn't bother to come home.  
Dave C

Who would of thought 20 years af that Otters would be at such numbers that they started to cause a problem.

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