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Ducks and Geese for sale

Hi there everyone

About a month ago i was given the opportunity to purchase some cheap ducks and geese as the seller was moving home and couldn't take them with them i paid 5 per bird so this would be all i would want from anyone who was interested in buying them off me.  Unfortunately the seller did not let me know their ages so i have no idea how old they are - although i do know i had some fertile eggs from them last year.  

There is

1 x Appleyard Aylesbury male cross
5 x Aylesbury females (i think)
2 x Runner ducks 1 male and 1 female
1 x goose
1 x gander  

If anyone is interested please drop me a message or give me a call on 01758 760310. Just bear in mind we live near to Aberdaron (round here we call it the end of the world on the llyn peninsula) I can organise some photos if anyone is interested.


Here's a photo of the ducks/geese this was taken before mr fox had away with a couple of them so there isn't quite as many for sale as there is on the photo


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