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Duck In Shed

Could I raise four ducks in my big shed? Or would this be unfair to them? Having watched my grandparents ducks this winter they are happy to spend all day in the shed rummaging through the hay for stray grain and bugs and such, in fact, we've had trouble getting the little so-and-so's out and stopping them pooping all over the place!

However my new house isn't so blessed with land and freedom, and I wouldn't particularly want the neighbours to know I had ducks, so can I raise them to meat weight in there? I can reasonably provide them with about 8' x 6', day light all day, and nice warm bed, and best of grub. Is this enough space for four? Would two be more suitable?

Any help/advice/photo's from those of you have done something similar are all welcome.

Hope everyone is having a good winter!!

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