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Duck Egg Glut ?

The local pub which used to take all my duck eggs, has taken gammon steak with a locally produced duck egg off its menu and as a consequence, I have a bit of a duck egg mountain.
I do sell some from the gate  but not enough and to compound matters, the ducks are laying rather well at the moment. At one stage, I considered getting more ducks to keep the pub supplied, thank goodness I didn't.

Once again, I'm thinking of turning my glut into pickled duck eggs. I obviously need to get the basics right, so how long to hard boil a duck egg? Duck eggs are a bit bigger than hens eggs and some of them are absolutely massive.  
Is this any good to you.

Spot on.
Dave C

Interesting site  

Wrap them in one of your pork burgers,  flour egg and breadcrumb and deep fry or oven bake forvthe best scotch eggs ever....

I'd love to, they certainly sound delicious but I don't have a white room, and no way of retailing cooked food to the public.

I know you would need a white room for doing lots of stuff but would your eho allow you to make 2 dozen in your kitchen for sale on your cider weekends?  No harm in asking since i use my domestic kitchen with a few mods ( double sink,  sanitising spray,  extra cleaning prior and post production) you may be able to as well.
Or make up a few and take them to the pub that used to use your duck eggs and see if they want a duck egg scotch egg on the starter menu...
you cancsell them the duck eggs and pork burgers and they can make and cook them up in their kitchen

Depending on how postage worked out I'd buy some from you We used to have ducks, and I'd love to again but not sure I'll get away with them in the new council house despite the large garden ;)

Bodger, if you still have a surplus duck eggs supply the I know that Glasfryn has lost its supplier recently & might be looking for a supply. Especially as they now have the Puffin cafe / shop on the A55 as well.

I'm only getting two or thee duck eggs a day at the moment but thanks for that.

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