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Duchy Originals. This goes to show that its equally

Important to see what's not on the label of a product as whats actually on it.

Duchey Originals is a large company headed by our future King Charles the third. Its based on the produce of his largely organic estate in Cornwall. The company has a turnover in excess of 38 million pounds and its food range runs to many hundreds of items.

I watched one of a number of programmes last night on the company, its ethos and how its policies benefit the environment and countryside communities etc.
The companies foodstuffs are all from organic sutainable resources but when it came to the Duchy brand of jams and preserves, I was in for a bit of an eye opener. The jams were made under licence, as are a number of other lines. The jams had a nicel posh label with the Duchy crest along with a list of contents etc. All in all, the products were nicely presented, as should any foodstuff be thats going to go on and  demand a premium price. The programme showed clips of the various jams and preserves being made in a super duper factory but then came the shocker. During the clip, the interviewer casually asked where the fruits were sourced and the factory director replied, that the organic strawberries came from Turkey and that the black currants were sourced from Denmark. He went onto explain that the fruits came from abroad because our weather conditions here in the UK encouraged mould growth and that they couldn't source quality and quantity raw products in the UK.

Now this programme was obviously designed to give Duchy Originals a glowing report and in all honesty, it probably is a nearly excellent  and well motivated company  but fair play to the presenters, because they stuck at the task of investigating this slightly suprising fact. They asked one of the companies sales executives about it. The woman looked fairly guilty but stuck to her guns that the company had nothing to hide. She said that if anyone was to enquire about the origin of any of their products then an honest answer would be given.
This of course IMO completely misses the point. A decision had obviously been taken by the company not to tell the consumer that the strawberries
had travelled thousands of air or road miles . So the moral is, its not just a matter of reading whats on the label, you also need to know whats not on it.
mogs even HRH is being a traitor.... and buying from abroad......IMO, if they cant sourc them locally, dont make the product...simple.....

think this also applies to some farmers markets......since i have been doing my resarch into selling at them, i have come accross 2 people who admitted to me that if their meat runs short, they will buy it in and repackage it.......not what i thought farmers markets were about......

Hmmm - bit sh*t or what?

Its the same as when you go to a car boot sale and the majority of the stalls are professional booters selling brand new stuff. IMO, it rather goes against the spirit of things. In the same way, if you buy something thats organic, you don't expect or accept that its been flown in from the other side of the world.

Oh come on folks - buyer beware!  :-)

Unless you are totally self sufficient, you can never be sure of what you are using.  

Of course now that the consumer is that bit more aware - suppliers can  expect to get away with a little less and can expect to be caught more often.

Saying that, there are so many folks who can't be totally self sufficient and who therefore do need training in asking the right questions IF they are worried about what they are buying (big if there).

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