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Drystone walling

Two days drystone walling, only 160 yards to go...will keep me buisy for a while

    first class work, shame you're so far away as we're looking into some for our gaff

A fantastic skill and a fantastic wall.
green man

It's the barstewards that pop by at night and nick the stones that make me cross.          
Tidy job- fabulous stone quality how much per meter faced do you pay for it and does it work well?  That stone looks reclaimed? Hard to get good reclaimed stone in the Cotswold's as it is in huge demand but at least it works easily. Herefordshire sand stone is the hardest stone to work that I have played with because it never breaks where you think it should it is a pig, where the tradition is for big jumper quoins I think it is safe to say the stone works well, where they are absent it's probably Herefordshire your in. :biglol:

"Tell us about your local stone."
welsh lamb

I am sooooo impressed - we have some lovely ones round here -just hope enough people like you can keep them that way :biglol:

most walls i build are wall that have fallen down over time so the stone is already there.but you can buy it for about thirty pounds a ton.the stone in derbyshire is mainly grit or sandstone price to build is between twenty and thirty pounds per square yard there is always some one wanting awall built the wall in the post  will be onehundred and eighty yards long when finished

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