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Dry hatch.

Did a dry hatch for my first time hatching in a brinsea mini advance,ummed and aahed whether to add water from the start as per the instructions.
But living in cumbria which to be honest is often wet,and reading the advice on here i decided to run it dry till lockdown day.
Well 5 out of seven have hatched so far so im chuffed wth that for the first time if i get any more it will be a bonus.

Dave C

Did you put any water in the last 2 days when the turning stops?

That the only time I added any water on my last 2 hatches and both were good  

I added water at lockdown should i have waited for them to pip?
Dave C

No that's spot on  

  Great news

5 hatched,one was dead in shell,and one had a big blood mark as if it had started and then stopped early on.
I gave them a feed of chopped boiled egg and chickweed as i seen recommended in practical poultry by andy marshall for their first feed and they knocked it back rapid.Now just on chickcrumb does everyone just stick to chickcrumb or give them anything else?

After their 1st week I give my chicks a handful of goosegrass and/or dandelion leaves each day.

I never even give them chick crumb lol, hb eggs, chick wheat or growers mash, bird seed, broken up micronised peas, and if I can't get them out on the grass, fine grit and shell. I like to get them on grass and sunshine asap, especially silkies, oh and ground up brazil nuts for silkies. (long story)

I dont add water at all. Mine are Brinsea.

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