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Drummond 3.5inch flatbed lathe


Just wondering if, by chance, there might be on this forum any other owners of vintage Drummond lathes.  Several years ago I acquired, partially dismantled and rather rusty, a 1905(?) 3.5inch flatbed, and finally I am getting around to some restoration work.  It would be good to get in touch with any other owners/users to discuss problems and solutions!

This is the lathe as I received it...

I'm pleased to say that it looks very much better now!  I should be able to post a recent photo soon, if anyone's interested.

(I am aware that there is a Drummond Lathe Users Forum and I shall be keeping an eye on that one also.)

Beautiful    I have a Tyzak... same size as yours but built around 1950.    I love your Black and Decker workmate..... Im guessing its one of the originals made around 1980 ish

I have an old Atlas lathe which is fairly worn. Ok for simple stuff.
Just been offered a nice Myford Super 7 but even though I would love it and can afford it, I can't warrant the expense. Don't have much time to spend in the workshop these days.

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