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Drummond 1908 headstock

I have just purchased a Drummond1908 lathe for refurbishing. I am taking the lathe apart but I can not see how to take the headstock spindle out so I could change the ''V'' driving belt.  The brass bearings seem to have to come out ''inwards''. Any help please.
Regards, Steven

Hi and welcome sorry have no idea   someone wll have or know where to find out I'm sure
Yorkshire Geordie

Welcome, Mechanic Steven.
Have you, perchance, tried Google?
Maybe this site will be useful.
Drummond apparently made lots of different types of lathes so more info on yours would be helpful.  

 to OTG  

Hi all, My lathe is the 1908 flatbed model. and as I said before ,I can not figure out how to remove the stock head shaft from the casting. As I do not want to break anything I am waiting patiently for some advice.
Regards, Steven

BarryK is yer man. I'll give 'im a poke on facebook fer yer!  

Jonbaz might be able to help too

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