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Dripping oon toast.

Just wrote a piece about bacon fat over broad beans and newly dug up tatties.
It reminded me of the days we had Dripping on toast, salted.
Not exactly ofay these days....but come on....shove the knife into the dipping and get a load of meat essence with it......ooooheeeee!
Sat around an open fire, toasting fork.

Those were the days, ofay today or not, I'm still hear and kicking...

When I was a policeman, I used to get sent on driving courses down at Stafford. The standard driving course was five weeks long and it took me three of these courses before I passed.  We used to do a lot of driving in your neck of the woods DD and at around eleven every morning we'd call in at the local police station for breakfast. We'd call at places like Kinver and Wombourne. Some of those police canteens did dripping on toast to die for. You could feel your arteries furring up with each and every bite. Infact, thinking about it, those driving courses were probably the last occasions when I had dripping. MMMmmmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like dripping sarnies i remember my mother being in hospital with leukaemia one thing she asked us to take for her was a mucky fat sandwich  (dripping)

I have a 5 liter bucket half full of dripping, i render down any fat i find on the beef i make jerky out of and when we do a show i melt it down, strain it and jar it and give it away as a freebie to anyone who spends a tenner with us, surprising how many blokes still go sentimental at tye thought of dripping on toast with salt and pepper.

Yeuk! Im the only one in my immediate family who cant stand dripping  

sapphire wrote:
Yeuk! Im the only one in my immediate family who cant stand dripping  

Oooh! boy some people miss out on the luxuries of life    

I still have dripping on toast with salt and pepper when I do a roast - it's one of those things that just has to be done.

Guess it comes from over there that me granddad had it and we followed on  

What are you trying to do to me DD now the dripping on bread that was Monday breakfast for me as a child LOVELY!!!

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