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Meet the Hawkeyes. The blonde on the left is my mate Jed. Oops, I mean Dave.

Yesterday I took the dog for a walk on the beach and saw that a lot of driftwood had been washed up high and dry. I thought that it would be a good idea to harvest it so I gave Dave a quick phone call.
It was low tide at four oclock today and an hour before, saw the tractor and lots of Santas little helpers on the beach.

Many hands make for light work and we were soon on our way home with a good load of free firewood.

Both famillies have woodburners but we wont be able to burn the wood on them because of the corrosion that the salts in the wood will cause. Dave will use his share in his soon to be built pizza oven, while we'll burn ours outside this summer with a drink in our hands. The kids certainly enjoyed themselves and so did I.

Your very lucky, you can just drive down on to the beach and collect driftwood.

Over here everything that lis washed up on the beach is owned by the state, there are people employed by the state to go and collect what ever is washed up and every 6 months they hold an auction and the monies are then paid into the state coffers. Some hefty fines are dished out if you are caught removing stuff from the beach.

As you say Bodger driftwood is not alot of good for woodburners, because of its salt content.

The Hawkeyes look like they are enjoying themselves with all those smiles.

Looks like a great fun day, we sometimes go down to the river and get washed up firewood with a friend for their fire which is good as no salt but others at the coast get it for BBQs etc.

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