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Dried flowers

DD....has now contacted us, OH & I..."can we save and dry out her wedding bouquet ?".....
I can certainly make a base out of a piece of hardwood and arrange to have a square box made up to cover it. But how the bally heck do I dry the flowers to do so...

One of you loverly people must know the answer, have done dry flowers in the past....

Please..try and help me out, or point me in the right direction....,

Empty quality street tin and several kilos of silica gel crystals.
We did quite a few brides boquets whwn we had the craft shop like this but always warned the colours woild fade and the shape might change a bit.
Once they were proper dry we carefully took them out tue crystals and used an empty airbrush to blow off tue last bits and wired them into a decoupage frame or if need be had our picture framer make a case big enough.

If separating the flowers isn't an issue~  

I separated the flowers completely, removed as much leaf from stems as possble without making them 'bare', and left only what would let airflow in for the drying process.

...tied the separate 'bunches' as loosely and closely to the stem ends as possible and hung them upsidedown in a cool, dry, dark place.

I prefer to separate any 'foliage only pieces' completely, tying each completely seperate altogether, as the leaves, etc. seem to mould quite easily.

Depending on how 'dry' the air is where this is all hanging, it can take several weeks or longer~however, I never mind that part because I love how everything basically keeps its original natural shape.

(I say 'basically' cause the leaves are usually pulled enough by gravity that when you hold them upright they are a bit more 'stiff' looking~its all just part an parcel.)

Once it is hanging, I keep an eye on it, moving just by touching, every now and again to make sure they are drying nicely and that no uninvited 'guests' have taken a likin an set up shop amongst petals and leaves.

When dry, using the photos you have, you can piece everything back together, if you wish (of course), and display.

There are sprays you can get, so I hear, that will make everything 'look better and last longer', however, ihave never used them. Just enjoyed the natural look.

I surely hope it goes well. You've got the knack for such tasks so I'll be looking forward to whatever route you take and how they come out in the end!


Good advice from both answers there.
It would be interesting to hear how you get on.

I know it seems an obvious thing but please remember to take a lot of photos at various angles before you start.  My sister used to do this for a living and took so many photos just to be sure of the reconstruction

This is the important one....

now in a jug/vase.

These are from the tables, so a good few to trial and error with.
Its now time to decide which way to go. thanks both for your prompt answers

They must have smelt lovely

Still do Kaz, the lounge, kitchen and dining rooms are awash with the perfume.

I would like to chat to the florist and find out the actual names of the roses.

As I'm on a long term project re-designing the garden, I reckon they would be a permanent reminder of Their special day for years to come...

I hope they turn out just as you want them to.
Rare one

Have a look here DD

sorry rare one your link does not work digindeep  have a look here first

Thanks all for your help, suddenly we had to make a decision, they started to wilt, Cleared a couple of them-chucked to far gone.They are now hanging in a cool dark cupboard. Some in tins and silica gel.
We await the outcome...4-5 weeks time.....

Thanks again

the ones in silica will be dry in 3/4 days
Mari wen

It may seen critical now to keep some of the actual flowers, but if you manage to grow 3 or 4 of the same flowers yourself to give them an anniversary posy every year, that will be a lovely thing. So get planting and don't worry too much if the dried flowers don't quite live up to the dream.

That's a great idea Mari Wren~will be keeping that in mind when it's my daughters turn  
Mari wen

Hey, I love the new name you've just given me. Mari wren sounds very endearing, a shy but sharp-witted bird. I like it! None of it's true of me, however. Not shy, really, and definitely not sharp-witted! My name means 'white Mary' - it's Welsh.
Cofion cynnes (warm regards)

nice to meet you Mari wen. Please accept my most sincere appology~(you are very kind). Looking forward to getting to know you better  

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