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Dress Code

Just getting ready to go out tonight, a must after a day down the plot...
I digress...
some 40 yr back, wouldn't dream of going out for the evening without pressing my trousers, shirt tie, 3 piece suit, polished shoes and even the socks had to match. Say silver grey suit, yep silver grey socks...

When all that was sorted and I may add to a 1st class standard, then the grooming started, bath- shower, shave...goodness know how many deoderarants, aftershave ect...( on occassions anti-zit cream   )

What do we do today, clean open kneck shirt, a pair of strides, be it jeans or maybe cassual slacks, and away we go.
If you were to bother to dress to the "old" would stand out..
possibly even feel embarrassed...

The only occassions we now seem to bother is Weddings, Christenings and Funerals.....Yes! I know some don't even bother then, look as though they've been dragged through 'edge backards'.........

Should we all try harder...would it encourage our kids and other youngsters.. self respect, confidence in themselves ect?

Or is it just too late?

Got to be honest I personally never felt or stood taller than back then,
please and thank you were second nature...respect for yourself=respect for others..............

Yep! i have got there grumbli' 'ole Git..........

We always make the effort to dress up when we go out - depends on the occasion, dressing for a formal sit down dinner will of course be different to dressing for a lunchtime BBQ.  It is still nice to make the effort and, like you say, it makes you feel confident.

Some folks today just don't do dressing up and that is a real shame.

I am usually to be found in Jodhpurs or trousers but today as it was hot I went to pick up my daughter in a dress ( most unusual). She announced in a VERY loud voice to all the other mums " mummy you look BEAUTIFUL!". Must make the effort more often. And before anyone asks I didnt pay her to say it!. Love Lizzie

After wearing a shirt and tie all day its nice to get into some casual stuff........

Sunday Lunchtime in our local and one guy, Gerry the Cosh, stands out like hell. He's Eastend old school.

Dark two piece suit, trousers with a crease you could cut yourself on.
Spotless white shirt, never coloured, with double cuffs and gold links.
Tie that is usually silver grey or silky mid blue with a tie pin.
Black lace up shoes you can see your face in.
When he carries a cane it's one with a silver top.
In the winter it's also a full length black leather over the top.

Actually he makes everyone else look out of place, especially in the Zoo Bar.

lizzie44 wrote:
Must make the effort more often.

And make the opticians appointment for her.  

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