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There is an article on Money Saving Expert that suggests that we all try the 'Downshifting Challenge'

Try dropping one brand level on everything. Then see if you can tell the difference. If not, stick with the cheaper one.

So that if you normally buy branded goods, try the unbranded or go one step lower to 'value'. If you or your family can't tell the difference you continue with the cheaper option.

Shopping night tonight - watch out family

I did this a while ago and actually prefer most of Sainsbury's own brand goods, especially ketchups. Have yet to find a brand of baked beans that match Heinz though. Also a lot of Lidl own brands are pretty good.

I think I already buy the cheapest everything!

The only thing I still insist on is Schweppes tonic water. Cheap gin transferred to a crystal decanter and served with Schweppes - can't tell it's not Gordons!

Used to say the same about instant coffee - it had to be Nescafe... until we got a jar of Lidl's cheap 'Blue Eclipse'. Much prefer it and it's only around 1.50 a jar!

Funny what you have found because for same reason as you we have done that and best coffee we have found now is a very cheap brand plus same with "chocolete' chip" biscuits. We have a super market that has a lot of English food imported by a local firm and the prices are on a par with here. One thing we have had was Cadburys chocolete bicuits and the chocolete is much nicer than local same brand but not as nice as NZ Whittaker's. Great to be able to get some real sauces that I grew up with  

Dont think we buy anything branded!

Its been a joke in our house for a month or so now. after box after box of un-branded cereal hase been fed to the birds.
My daughters partner loves a certain breakfast cereal, would only eat a certain brand, for the past six or more weeks, she has refilled the box with an un-branded make. Even partly re- glueing the packet top...

Guess what....yep! the cereal now vanishes...poor birds don't get a look in  

I remember reading where one firm made the same baked beans that are sold in different shops, They all taste the same to me.

Seabird have you tried Tesco's tonic water? 4 bottles for 1.50 I buy it regularly.

Have never considered not buying own brands in some supermarkets (Tesco, Co-op) whilst ignoring Asda own brands - but then it's not my shop of choice.

Some things will always be a specific brand due to being virtually vegan and there being no own brand equivalent.

There again - do a lot of cooking from scratch so that limits what comes out of packets.

ewal wrote:
Seabird have you tried Tesco's tonic water? 4 bottles for 1.50 I buy it regularly.

No I haven't ewal, rarely shop in Tesco's. The problem I find is that even when they say it's not 'slimline' I can still taste that horrible artificial sweetener taste. Slimline tonic ruins a good gin IMO!!

I do this automatically, but the only thing i cant (and wont) change is my t-bags. It has to be PG Tips or i think i would surely die!! I even take my own pg tips to work as they buy them from the cash and carry and the catering ones just arent the same even though they are PG Tips.


It would be interesting to hear what everyday stuff people won't downshift on, like Claire and her PG Tips.

For me, it's coffee.

Also, I used to buy Asda baked beans because they tasted good but about a year or so ago, they changed so I no longer buy them.
chicken feed

tea and coffee is a no go area here so we bulk buy when they are on special.

we tend to buy in bulk when offers are on most non perisable items the other week baked beans cross & blackwell were on offer 1 for 4 cans. we now have 8 packs   we never pay full price for toilet roll either just wait for the offers and buy in bulk.

we have not brought any veg for months as we collect rejected fruit & veg twice weekly. it is a crime what is wasted but having said that the animals and ourselfs live very well for free    

we eat better now that anyother time producing our own beef, lamb, pork and bacon and paying nothing for the fruit and veg to think i used to spend 160 - 200 a week on food i now spend around 30 - 40 a week inc oh's cider.

A funny thing on buying cheaper brands we have found some things are really better

Going back a few years, to when we did the Westons Cider tour, our guide let us know which supermarket own brands were actually made by them. It was very useful at the time.

I think there's a thread on the Money Saving Expert forum about that, those 'in the know' tell who makes own brands.

Like chickenfeed, we bulk buy special offers like coffee and loo roll, and olive oil. Although when I'm in town I do get Olive oil bottles refilled by a Greek guy who has a market stall and his own Olive Plantation on Crete.

Mo that would be great, here they have just started on TV a look at "are you getting what the labal says" olive oil was first and a lot are putting cheap oil into their top virgin oils.

a supermarket is now telling people how to make the sunday roast last for three meals. now who would have thought of that?   sorry feeling sarcastic as not eaten for 4 days.

madmac wrote:
a supermarket is now telling people how to make the sunday roast last for three meals. now who would have thought of that? sorry feeling sarcastic as not eaten for 4 days.

You Should have made a roast    sorry    How many times can the wheel be reinvented. There was an old English song about that "Sunday roast Monday cold meat? Tuesday Sheperds pie ....." I think it went

I've heard that somewhere, sod..

Roast on Sunday, Cold on Monday...can't remember the rest

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