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Down at the harbour.

Over the past few weeks there have been seals in the inner harbour.

Seagull attacks seal (the seal has a plaice in its mouth)

...........and the seal fights back.


Amazing photos!! Ihaven't seen seals in years! Great shots!

Rena wrote:
Amazing photos!! I haven't seen seals in years! Great shots!

Sorry pulled diggindeeps double post stunt.... ....

Great to see them playing  

Lovely photos........ I do especially enjoy seeing the seals when I get out and about on the Norfolk coast.

Out of curiosity did anyone see the recent BBC news article about the Seals in the Thames?  Between The QE2 bridge and the Kingston Lock, the river Thames as it winds through the city of London supports a population of about 700 seals

They've even been spotted around here, along with salmon.
Time was when a Mersey trout meant something quite different!

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