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dont you love the cheap section...

Picked up 4 huge bags of bananas for 30p a bag, just gone through them and ended up with 8 kg of perfectly ripe bananas, just a few brown spots on the skin and 3 kg of squishy and very over ripe but perfect for banana bread and I have about 5kg of apple puree in the freezer so I can see a hell of a load of banana fruit leathers getting made his week when we are sick of them fresh lol.
11 kg of bananas for 1.20 and I left 2 bags there, didn't want to be greedy lol

thats amazing - why don't I see things like that!

I love the reduced to clear sections
Also I take full advantage of money off coupons and saved 11 on my shopping this Tuesday by using them

It's so very rare that this one comes up but that sort of bulk buy is always bananas cos once they get a few brown,spots they won't sell them at full price.
Suits us though cos we will eat all we can then make fruit scrolls to sell in the stall , they sell at 1 a pack and 6kg makes about 36 packs lol.
Cheaper than the wholesaler

You could always have a go at making Banana Ketchup  

Yum we get a same type of thing sometimes and then it is banana with porridge, sandwiches, and cake. Best with the squishy ones   also as you said just as they come  

When I had my Saturday job as a teenager my mum would make me go to the market before catching the bus home to pick up reduced to clear fruit and veg.

my wife ann got 17 yes 17 chickens one sat night for 10p each,all our mates had chicken for days lol      

Nice one Gorlan, Mrs 12Bore works at Morrisons, late shift + clearance + must get shot + staff discount regularly = 10p cooked chickens. Ok, they ain't the world's greatest, and I don't investigate the husbandry, but they're great for curries etc!

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