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Donna Nook Grey Seal Colony

We are well into the baby seal season now, so on Mr Dingbat's birthday on Tuesday, after a hearty breakfast at the cafe in the village, we headed for the coast to see the babies. The season tends to start mid-late October and by the time the end of November comes, many babies are old enough to head out into the sea.

You can get very close to the seals, there is a low double-fence but it allows you to see them in all their glory. One hadn't been long born, and was making some hilarious sounds! The volunteer wardens do a great job, making sure everything as it should be. Best to go in the week, was quite busy when we went, packed at the weekends!

Donna Nook in Lincolnshire is also an RAF bombing training zone, so you also get a good view of that as well if they are out, as well as ear-ache...

Yorkshire Geordie

Nice pictues, Captain Dingbat.  
They certainly get my SEAL of approval.  

Great pics it seems strange seeing them on grass

thank you they look fantastic I agree.

I have to say Mr Dingbat took them!  He seems to be able to operate the camera better than me!

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