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Here is one of our donkeys, i have some for sale in the trading post part of the site.


alot of poisening buttercups about this year then. nice donkey how old is he/she?  my dad used to breed donkeys before i  was born though and his last donkey only died last year aged 45


How many do you have altogether?

The donkey in the picture is 4. we have a few at the moment, but just got a few geldings at the moment for sale
Lucinda Thompson

Donkey wanted


I;m looking for a donkey, jenny or gelding.  Just before Christmas I lost my lovely old boy, 15.2hh Thoroughbred, I had him 18 years and miss him very much, but his companion of 14 years, Ben, a 15Hh Lusitana, misses him even more.  Ben is approx 24 years old and needed a bit of time on his own to get used to things but now he needs a friend and I would like a donkey.  We used to have alot of donkeys but its a few years ago now and it would be good to have another.  It would be loved and kept forever.  If anyone has a sweet natured one at a reasonable price it will get a very good and permanent home.

Lucinda Thompson


Hello Hotspurs

I want a little donkey, sweet natured, as a companion to my old horse, who is now sad and lonely, during his last few years.  I would be happy with a jenny or a gelding.  It would have a loving, forever home.  I have two stables in the field in front of the house, but they are free to wander in and out as and when they want with warm bedding in winter.

Thanks for replying

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