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Don't you just love swapping or bartering?

Our two elderly neighbours (both ladies in their 80's) own large areas of woodland near our house.

Last year we had to pay nearly 1000 for enough wood to last us through the winter (wood burning stove with back boiler), so this year we have agreed with the ladies that we (or, to be more precise, my OH  ) will cut wood from their land and in return for wood for ourselves we will cut wood for them!  So, basically free wood for us next winter!  



excellent result - for both parties  

Nice one  

This is what I love, everyone helping each other and everyones a winner. pretty much a symbiotic relationship.

Really like bartering!!!! Best way to go!!

great stuff we love doing like that we have a friend that makes yummy bread for us and we give her fresh cows milk   We also belong to a group "Green Dollar" which we can "sell" to one member and "buy" from any other in the group.

Thats good bartering. I love it but other than a massive pile of horse poop, I have very little currency.

Where there's muck, there's brass  

I'm still looking

We do a lot of firewood, buy in logs cut up split and deliver also trimm and fell trees so thats always in demand, now have trailers to hire/barter with. Or as we call it here "Up for deals"  

Actually, I've got a little bit of bartering going on at the moment. I've got two lots of hatching eggs due to arrive this weekend, both from members who've had some Light Sussex eggs off me in return. I find it very exciting and rewarding. Thanks to both of you.

It is very satisfying when swopping/bartering

Last year we had a whole side of beef in exchange for lamb.

Bartering is great I swap child care,gardening and computor work for dog sitting and vet services.

Lamb for scallops,crab and lobster.

Turkey and lamb for Christmas cake and cakes throughout the year.

Buckets of apple for pork.

Fruit, eggs, veg and plants also make great 'thank yous' to our ever tolerant neighbours.

A few weeks ago my other half had a call out of the blue about some work, transpired the guy is a bee keeper, sells bee bits and bobs on line and needed some IT techy waffle bollards help.

He needed a bit more work done than he realised so in a nutshell, chap got the work done and instead of an invoice my OH is now the proud owner of a bee suit and various other bits too. It all arrived this morning.  

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together.  

Pete mended a friendly farmers tractor last year and he gave us a very large rectangle bale of hay for the 'osses, did the job nicely.  

Still Laughing

Some times on a friday we will have fish from "Benny,s" mobile fish van,
He always rings ahead to see if we want anything special. Last friday he rang HRH to say he had two lovley pieces of oak smoked salmon left on the van and would we like them (foc as he was passing) Di thanked him very much and phoned me to say that Benny would be dropping off a parcel and to make sure I gave him a pack of our sausages from the freezer. Sure enough Benny came round and turned his fish van round close to where we keep the pigs. (he always stops to see them) He parked and we swopped goods, whilst chatting Benny asked where the pigs had gone           "What do you think your holding"         He just never put two and two together

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