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dog trialers wedding

been away since friday ,been to michael longtons wedding, micheal and his father tim have represented their country  sheepdog trialing  many times ,you may have seen him on one man and his dog .anyway the wedding was in grange over sands  never been there before it is a lovely setting.the venue was at the grange hotel,you could not ask for a better place for a wedding the weather was great ,good food ,good company ,and a happy married couple.probably a bit to much farming and dog trialing talk for a wedding,so the mrs says.the sheep in grange over sands  run on the marshes  which are tidal the marsh grass tastes salty i wonder what the lamb tastes like.
hers a pic of me and the mrs at the wedding and one of the marsh

Grandma Bodger

loved the pic now I have a face to your name  


Grandma Bodger wrote:
loved the pic now I have a face to your name  

you could have logged on to FBI's most wanted for that.

yum salt marsh lamb   it'd taste great DD gaurantee that. fetches a good price too  

Glad you had such a good time

By the way, LURVE your stick  

Looks like you enjoyed it mate.........

Mmm salt marsh lamb - I used to buy it from the butchers on the Gower. Lovely. Love Lizzie

Sounds like a wonderful couple of days  

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