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Dog Groomer

I am a city and guilds qualified dog  groomer. I only work part time now as I sort of semi retired, but any coat problems etc hopefully I can help.

Great!  Can you help please?

I need to clip my mini schanuzers, as I can no longer manage to hand strip their coats, blasted Arthur Itis has struck the wrist area! Grrrr.

It is so many years since I used clippers, and then it was usally a trace or hunter clip on horses  LOL, just picturing hunter clip on a mini schnau LOL

I have a good set of Andis two speed clippers and the blades I have are #10 and a #15 (wondered if I could use this to give them a clip off without them being too chilly until the weather warms up)?

Will you run through how to go about the process of getting these scruffy little mupplies looking a little less dishevelled.

They are not shown, just house kids.

I am OK for the head and beard shaping, but am unsure where to start with  clippers on the body.

Cheers me dears


I usually bath them in dezynadog shampoo and balsam conditioner pre stripping .. or used to! Still got plenty shampoo and balsam and the scissors etc.

Hi Super,

Your blades are really too short for a body clip, what about buying a five, or at least a 7 blade? If you are comfortable doing the head, ( I would use a 5 or 7 against the grain of the coat on top of head and cheeks, and a 10 for the ears both sides, and then scissor round the edges to tidy them off) I would decide whether I wanted to go quite short or just reasonably short, and would use the 5 or 7 with the lay of the coat.  Go down the hind legs following the first and second thigh, but leave a little on the front of the legs.  Tidy round feet with a sharp pair of scissors (carefully) If you use the 5 you may have to tidy a bit here and there, and to do this I would get your slicker brush and brush the coat backwards so it is all sticking up, then clip towards the lay of coat again.

Hope this is of help, if not shout and I will let you have my phone number and a chat will hopefully sort it.

Thanks ever so much for that. I will order a 5 and a 7 right now!  

I got the blades and today (err yesterday now!) I have clipped one of the girls body.

She looks really weird tonight, as I have not done her head yet!

So it looks far too big for her body, tidied her legs up.

I will take a photo when she is done, and you can see what you reckon to the effort.

She was very good, stood on top the washing machine on a non slip mat, I sat on a chair in front of the machine apart from when I clipped the topline when I stood up.
She is still in one piece at the moment anyway!

Thanks for the recommendation about blade size though, the clip seems just right especially as it is chilly again tonight.


Here is the homework ... {{blushes}}

Well haven't clipped a dog before, so would you tell me what I have done right and what could be better and how please.

They do look loads better for the coat off, but some bits are still straggly, and I scissored the ears just in case they lost their ears altogether.

Now the coats have gone I can monitor greedy Buttons "size" a bit better and carry on the reducing diet she is on, she is such a gannet. She is speyed bitch so best she keeps reasonable size, as you can see she is a totally different build to her sister, she is like her Sire and Baby like her Dam.

I don't think I'd make groomer of the year        

One of "her" looks!

Well done you!!

I would be brave and run the clippers over the ears, they will not cut, you are more likely to cut with the scissors than the clippers....hold the ear on the flat of your hand with the tip of the ear facing away from you and run the clipper from the back of the ear (where it attaches to the head to the tip, and then hold it up and run from underneath to the tip again, then holding the ear, carefully scissor around the edges. It will make a lot of difference. 10 blade for the ears.

On the legs, groom out the hair very well, so you can run a comb through it easily. Then flick up the hair with the comb, and scissor up toward the top of the leg, take off small amounts at first (remember, its easy to take a bit more off, but not so easy to stick it back on if you go too mad!!) until you feel you have taken enough.  The feet need tidying around as well, but always cut  when you have flicked the hair up, otherwise you will take too much off and make a mess, but you have not done a bad job.......oh, one other thing, on their chests, where the hair grows in different directions, be very careful to change your direction with your clippers, otherwise you will have the hair VERY short where the hair is growing in a different direction, very easy mistake to make when first starting.

Keep up the good work  

Bugger! You noticed their chests LOL. I shall have to be far more cautious if it ever grows back.

Baby has such soft silky hair and it was very matted very close to the skin, I think quite a bit came out when I was combing, then I finished the remaining bits off with the clipper novice cut!

I will try to do the ears, I need to pluck the inners again, they are not too bad but need doing again or they will just get yeasty and smelly when spring is sprung.

I hope I can get the legs looking better, but I suppose that will come with patience and practice.

Never has these jobs when I had my GSD's  LOL.

Oh I forgot to ask you, what should be done with the belly area? I was a bit concerned so left it apart from a general tidy up again with scissors.

Thanks for the advice and help appreciate it.  

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