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Does anyone successfully manage to grow saffron crocus' ?

I planted 24 bulbs four years ago, and they have only ever produced three flowers.

I planted them in pots of gravelly soil, six inches deep and kept the pots in the sunniest bit of the garden.
They produce masses of leaves, look fine and healthy, but no flowers.

They're well and truly dying back just now and going dormant for Summer, so I emptied out one pot to see if there was anything obviously amiss. Instead of eight bulbs there are nearly eighty, but they're all kind of small.
All look healthy, all look firm and there's no sign of mould or of anything eating them. Instead of eight bulbs there are eight clumps of bulbs (still room between them so not overcrowded as such).

Anyone had any success with these ?


I've never heard of the saffron crocus so googled it and found this interesting bit of info... Maybe it will help?

Thank you Rena, that's a very straightforward read

It's pretty much how we grew them though. From one pot/planter of 8 bulbs I now have about 80. I've left the other two alone for the present but presume the same has happened to them.

The bulbs weren't cheap, but the seed catalogue advert sounded interesting, and I do use saffron and thought it would be excellent to manage to grow my own.
Seems all I've managed to grow are more bulbs  


Hi Mary,

One additional question struck me. Were all eight bulbs in one planter? (and, how big is the planter?) I know if my regular crocus or hyacinth bulbs were overcrowded, they seemed to make lots of babies but not much in respect to flowers or decent sized bulb's.

Sorry I'm not much help.

I planted up three planters, each is a little over two foot long and maybe nine or ten inches wide and deep. I put eight bulbs in each of those and they all came up vigorously green and healthy looking. Just no flowers.
I did wonder about overcrowding but even with the bulbs now growing clumps of bulbs they're nowhere near touching each other.

I'm starting to wonder if I really need to dry them out when they die back rather than just leave them in the pots  


Hmmmmm. Seems like that should be plenty of room. What about the soil you're using? Is it along these lines?:

"The ideal type of ground is a neutral clay-calcareous or silty soil (PH 6 to 8).
For small areas like a vegetable garden or simple borders, one can easily improve the soil by adding sand, peat or compost."

I'm not sure what you meant by 'gravelly' soil. (...being western American an all.... )

We planted a lot a few years ago. They come up at the wrong time of year, do badly & then die off.
None have flowered yet.

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